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Product: Veneno men's trunks Fabric: 100% cotton single jersey Colors: 5 colors Size: 80 cms - 100 cms Veneno inner wears are exporting to UAE countries, making with good quality of raw materials and skilled employees. we are always maintaining our quality.
Products: Cotton knitted Full pants, Bermudas, printed Bermudas and 3/4th varieties. Fabrics: 100% cotton fine fabrics Pattern: All over printed and plain We are manufacturing and exporting different types of knitted garment products. Our products made in well quality checking process and good finishing. we supplying products around all over India and global countries.
Product name: MAK KITTY JUNIOR TRUNKS Style: Plain and Stripped Fabric: 100% cotton fine fabric Colors: 5 colors Size: 60- 80 cms Packing: Single piece box pack
Product name: Cool kids Style: Roundneck halfsleeve Fabric: 100% cotton fine Colors: 10 colors Size: 45 - 75 cms
Product name: Cool Kids Styles: Basic RNS, RNBS and Collar T-Shirts Fabric: 100% cotton single jersey Colors: 10 colors Sizes: 45 - 75 cms Cool kids wear is made from house of MAK hosieries. Cool kids designed with attractive colors and new style printing designs.
Product name: Cool Kids Style: 3/4 th Rib Fabric: 100% cotton single jersey Colours: 10 colours MAK Hosieries, Tirupur, india. Manufacturer , supplier and exporter of men's inner garments and outer garments , ladies wear and kids wear. Our T-shirts , A-shirts are supplying to all countries. We are making quality wears .
Product: Men's T-shirt (ST.KITTS) Fabric: polyester cotton , milange colors: 15 colors MAK group of companies manufactured in this variety of Men's T-shirts and exporting for many countries. made with 100% quality fabric and raw materials. productions doing by skilled employees well trained management teams
Product: MAK Orange T-shirts Category: Kids wear Fabric: 100% cotton single jersey colors: Five colors MAK Orange t-shirts available as round neck, collar, sleeveless and full sleeve T-shirts, Our garments products selling in all over India and Global countries